US Open 2021 At-Home Suite

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Celebrate this year's tournament in style with the 2021 US Open At-Home Suite. This year's kit is curated with exclusive merchandise including a set of two collectible Honey Deuce glasses, melon baller, tennis ball swizzle sticks and a shot glass to help you make the perfect signature drink at home. Or hit your home court with the official on-court player towel, 2021 US Open tennis balls and performance hat. No matter how you play it, this year's At-Home Suite will be the best thing delivered to your door this year.

The US Open At-Home Suite includes:
2021 Official Polo On-Court Player Towel
US Open Market Tote Bag
Set of Two Honey Deuce Glass Set (Made of Glass)
2021 US Open Shot Glass
US Open Melon Baller and Swizzle Sticks
2021 Theme Art Tennis Balls
2021 Performance White Hat
2021 US Open Official Program

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At-Home Suite